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It's important that you are aware of the basis under which you do business with Organic Arable and our Terms and Conditions and other important information is below.

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Terms of Purchase

When selling through Organic Arable you are placing us as "Mercantile Agent in Possession" which means that although we act on your behalf in arranging the sale, movement and invoicing of your goods we do not take ownership of them and ownership passes from you to the buyer at the point of delivery. 

All grain offered for sale must be certified organic (including in-conversion grain) and farm assured and no business undertaken can be confirmed until valid organic certification has been provided.  All grain is transacted using AIC 1 terms.

Our terms and conditions of sale are available here Organic Arable Terms & Conditions

We pay on the 21st day of the month following movement. Whether your grain moves on the 5th or 25th of the month you will be paid on the 21st of the following month. 

We have two types of membership, Full or Grain Member.  Full Members commit to sell all their grain through Organic Arable and once tonnage is declared post-harvest it should be sold through Organic Arable.  Grain Membership gives greater flexibility and there is less commitment to sell your grain through Organic Arable although once contracted the grain must be supplied.  Grain members pay a higher commission than Full Members and commission rates are reviewed annually by the Organic Arable Board.

Here is the Full Grain Membership Agreement.

Here is the Grain Membership Agreement.

We only use your contact details to contact you and do not pass it on to others.