What we offer

Access to Grain

If you require grains to feed your livestock we’d be delighted to work with you.  For livestock farmers we can provide either “spot” loads as you require or supply to a feeding plan you have developed in advance.  We can offer grain in bulk loads or on blower lorries according to your needs and can offer proteins as well as cereals.


We are experienced in managing large volume supply chains on behalf of our customers too and so are happy to develop supply arrangements and structures that can run over several years to provide confidence to customers that supply is ongoing. 


Local Links

With over 60 different member farms around the country we have a diverse and well-rounded group of farmers that we are regularly in contact with, and many more non-members with whom we do business. We are always looking to facilitate relationships between members and non-members alike for the benefit of the farmer. If you’re a livestock farmer looking for grazing or straw, or an arable farmer looking for livestock for added fertility, we are always happy to put you in contact with someone nearby who may be able to help. We are regularly out on farms all over the country and so very well placed to bring people together for a mutually beneficial farming relationship. 


Distressed Grain

We are sometimes able to offer grain that is out of specification or grain that has been rejected from a human consumption market and needs an alternative destination.  These parcels are available at a discount so if this is something that would appeal let us know and we can inform you as to what is available. 



Although we prefer to supply from domestic producers we recognise livestock farmers need higher protein feeds. Through our relationships with importers we are able to offer great prices on proteins. We achieve wholesale discounts we can pass on to you. Please get in contact with your nutritional requirements and to discuss pricing.  


The important bits

Payment terms

For our supplying farmers we have a single monthly payment run and pay on 21st day of the month following movement.


Grain sales are covered by credit insurance to provide protection for our suppliers of the sales made.  This credit insurance allows us to offer 28-day credit terms to all customers for whom we can get appropriate credit insurance cover.  If we are unable to get the requisite insurance cover on a business, we can still supply grain but require pre-payment. 

Quality Assurance

When you buy grains, pulses or proteins through Organic Arable you can be safe in the knowledge that it will always be quality assured. Everything will be sold under standard specification of 15%maximum moisture and 2% maximum admix unless otherwise specified. We are organically certified by Organic Farmers and Growers (OF&G) and operate under the Trade Assurance Scheme for Combinable Crops (TASCC). This ensures that if you are buying or selling through Organic Arable, any product you send or receive will be handled with care and responsibility and will always be organically certified.