Organic Farm Management Handbook

The Organic Farm Management Handbook 2023, 12th Edition Now on Sale!

This book, now in its 12 edition, is an established comprehensive guide and must-have resource, allowing farmers and growers to make informed decisions on their organic farms and for those considering conversion.

Order your copy now, this is the must-have resource for organic farmers looking to stay one step ahead of the competition!

The lack of current information on the costs and business performance of organic farms and related management issues, is one of the key barriers to anyone contemplating the seismic shift to organic farming. The revised Organic Farm Management Handbook provides that information, utilising in depth historical data and expert opinion.

It is the essential tool for understanding the economics of organic farming in the UK. It can:

  • Help with business plans and budgets.

  • Provide a means of assessing the viability of specific crops and livestock.

  • Advise on conversion related innovations such as new marketing approaches.

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