Summary of LiveWheat Cultivar Traits

Hi All, in an attempt to try and translate some of the LiveWheat results into practical guidance to aid varietal selection, please find below a table of key traits and the degree to which each of the key cultivars tested show the particular characteristics. It may be that you are looking for an all rounder, or a variety for a specific situation that requires a particular trait to a high degree, or that you would priorities certain traits over others. Hopefully you will find it useful as we look to develop the output and dissemination from the project. It is difficult to look past Extase as it has a combination of good traits, particularly the early vigour and faster development that helps suppress weeds and has helped it to tolerate the spring/summer droughts of the past few years, as well as showing better stability of performance in less optimal environments. It's no surprise that so many organic winter wheat growers are now growing it, and it's good to have been able to provide the evidence of its adaption to organic farming.  Mixing another variety with Extase, with complementary traits is likely to be a good option to spread risk, as demonstrated by the Siskin/Extase blend, and should hopefully improve resource use efficiency if the varieties with the right combinations of traits are used.

We look forward to seeing how the new varieties and blends being tested this season in the Legacy trials perform and compare against the list below.