Spring Oat and Bean Trials
An opportunity to support Organic variety trials

We're looking for volunteers to host our spring oat and spring bean variety trials this season. We hope you value this kind of work, and see the benefit for the organic arable sector. These trials can only take place with the support and willingness of our members to host them, making them more relevant for you as farmers whilst maintaining an economic sustainability. Collective on-farm  experimentation  remains the most efficient and reliable way to gain insights, foster learning and provide effective decision support on organic variety choice and crop management. Please consider playing your part in our endeavor to help improve the organic arable sector for all our members.

Spring Oat Trials

As many of you know we have been running on-farm spring oat variety trials with White's to try and determine the best spring varieties for both farmer and mill. We aim to have six participating farmers to make the data robust and usually test four varieties, using Isabel as a control, Merlin, and new this year we will test Vaughan and Zenith This season we will also be testing the seed treatment Tiros

If you're a Spring Oat grower and would like to take part please do get in touch with me

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Spring Bean Trials

Having held our bean knowledge transfer event we are now aiming to run on-farm spring bean variety trials as the basis for our Living Lab, through the LiveSeeding project.

We are looking for spring bean growers to test four bean cultivars under their normal management practices, either as a monocrop or bi-crop. The varieties we want to test are Victus, Lynx, Viper and Futura.

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