Market your grain

Organic Arable provides an easy way for you to access the organic grain market to help you with your organic grain marketing. 


Our proposal is simple. You tell us what grain you have available and we will find a market for that grain. We understand the challenges you face as we have been working with them for 20 years. We do this for a known, fixed fee. Our business is run to seek best returns for our farmers. Our company is owned and run by farmers and the challenge they set the company management is to give our farmers best return ahead of shareholder value. 

If you are new to the organic market your current “farm-buyer” may run a mile as they have no idea how to place your grain. Alternatively, they find a market but one that has been “string-traded” through others which erodes the price you receive and how do you know whether the price offered is a competitive one? 


Even for the experienced organic grain grower the market can be a difficult place to be. With few sources of information available there is nothing like the support from AHDB or other bodies that support the conventional market.  

The dominance of imported grains in the market makes liquidity an increasing challenge for UK organic cereal producers. Working through Organic Arable we can keep buyers appraised of the volumes of grain in the market and encourage them to purchase UK supplies ahead of imported offers. And as we are not working with imported supplies, we are not bringing imported grain to the market ahead of your production as many of our competitors do. 

We will sample and test your grain and offer you advice on the appropriate market and then execute the contracts you enter acting as your “mercantile agent in possession” through this process. Your sales will be credit insured to ensure that the value of your grain is protected should a customer have financial difficulties. 

Your involvement in the process can be as great or as little as you wish. We work with farmers who require to know about every sale in minute detail and others who simply want us to get on with marketing their grain on their behalf safe in the knowledge that absenting themselves from this responsibility does not mean they lose out..  As one grower said: 

“I’m the grower and you know the market.  I want to spend my energy doing the best I can growing my crops, leaving you to do what you do best which is find me markets for what I grow." 


We are working for you and on your behalf in all we do as that is what our farmer board require of us. 


Transparency is of key importance to Organic Arable.


Commodity markets require large volumes of data about supply and demand to operate effectively. AHDB and USDA both issue regular updates on the domestic and global crop supply and demand and in addition to this private companies also analyse the position of the market. It is possible to open myriad web pages and drown in information about the global grain markets, latest crop projections and how changes in lifestyle or population growth is changing consumption trends. No such data is available about the organic cereal market. How then can farmers make informed decisions about the market price? It is very difficult to do so and with poor information available it is likely that traders will have “first sight” of the scant price information available and be able to take advantage of it.  


Transparency, therefore, is crucial. Organic Arable charge a known transaction commission for our grain marketing. This means that we aren’t seeking to maximise our returns by having this “first sight”; instead we are providing you, the arable producer, with the value the market is paying, less our commission.


In this way our approach develops confidence within the supply chain. It also encourages communication. Generally, a trader doesn’t want their supplier and customer meeting as this could uncover the margin they are making. By having our commission fee openly stated both buyer and seller know what the transaction costs of working with Organic Arable are and therefore we are happy to facilitate dialogue between buyer and seller. 

This arrangement also allows us to strike progressive agreements with some customers. If we develop a supply agreement with a customer which is at a premium to the market price the customer is confident it is the farmer who benefits from this premium. This approach has resulted in developing some long-term supply chains where the customer can forward plan, and the 

grower has both the confidence of a dedicated market 

coupled with an advocate for the best price for them.


If a trading company that isn't transparent in their charges has a price above the market, they simply make a higher margin continuing to pay the farmer the market price.   Our arrangements allow buyers to stimulate demand as price benefits are passed to the arable producer.

Transparent Pricing


Agronomic & Marketing 

Here at Organic Arable we offer support to all our members. We’re able to offer agronomic support to help you make informed decisions when planning your next seasons cropping, how to deal with issues that may arise with crops currently in the ground and facilitate conversations between you and other farmers who maybe farming in a way in which you aspire to farm. We offer marketing support, giving our members regular updates on how the market is shaping up and advising on what would be best to have in the ground for the following season, depending on how the market is moving. With Organic Arable, you will always get honest and frank advice along with our support to help your farm business improve. 

Trials & Research 

We have a strong relationship with the Organic Research Centre (ORC) and are partners in cereal research projects and crop trials that they run every year. We currently have members involved with the Liveseed project and the new Defra funded LiveWheat  that replaces it. We also run oat trials every year in partnership with White’s Oats and ORC. We do this because the more information and knowledge our members have access to, the better the crop they are able to grow – trials and research are incredibly important for your farm business to improve. This helps you to grow higher yielding and higher quality crops. 


Organic Arable offers two different types of membership, Full Membership and Grain Membership. Both memberships cost £150 a year. Full membership gives you access to the full members SharePoint and an £8 a tonne commission rate in exchange for the commitment of your full annual harvest to be marketed by Organic Arable. Grain membership gives you limited access to the SharePoint and an £11 a tonne commission rate but there is no minimum commitment of your harvest. Learn more about membership here.


We work with multiple seed producers to provide the best seed at the best price. We take the time to get germination and disease results for everything we offer so you have the best, informed decision.  We will reserve tranches of seed for our growers so that we have the best price reserved for you early in the season. As with our grain suppliers, we work on a fixed commission rate for all seed sales as well, so you can be sure that we only recommend what we think will be the best seed for you. 

We have relationships with mills that ask us to grow dedicated crops for them.  This may work well with your rotation, and we can guide you on the varieties that are needed.  Get a quote for your seed requirements by using this form.

If you are unsure if you should buy seed or use home saved, we offer seed testing through Trinity Grain. We always suggest testing your seed when using home-saved seed to check germination and ensure you do not have a disease build up.   

Seed Supply

The important bits

Payment terms

For our supplying farmers we have a single monthly payment run and pay on 21st day of the month following movement.


Grain sales are covered by credit insurance to provide protection for our suppliers of the sales made.  This credit insurance allows us to offer 28-day credit terms to all customers for whom we can get appropriate credit insurance cover.  If we are unable to get the requisite insurance cover on a business, we can still supply grain but require pre-payment. 

Quality Assurance

When you buy grains, pulses or proteins through Organic Arable you can be safe in the knowledge that it will always be quality assured. Everything will be sold under standard specification of 15%maximum moisture and 2% maximum admix unless otherwise specified. We are organically certified by Organic Farmers and Growers (OF&G) and operate under the Trade Assurance Scheme for Combinable Crops (TASCC). This ensures that if you are buying or selling through Organic Arable, any product you send or receive will be handled with care and responsibility and will always be organically certified.