Organic Arable Philosophy

Organic Arable was set up in 1999 by a group of organic cereal farmers two of whom are still on our board.  Their intention in establishing the business was to seek to have a company that provided both grain marketing services, farmer advocacy and some technical support and knowledge transfer.  Whilst we are structured as a company we have the ethos of a co-operative as our primary function is to provide our farmers with the best possible grain marketing and support. Through the last 20 years we have not paid our owners any dividends but we have paid a bonus to our farmers.


To celebrate our 20th birthday we have made some changes to our business.  We like the aims of social enterprise and ambitions of B-Corp organisations and have set ourselves the target to ensure our business is run to do more to support not only our members but the wider organic sector. 

Whilst our first ambition must be to have a financially secure business providing excellent service to our farmers, beyond this we are committed to use the profits we make to: 

  • Financially support research into organic cereal production 

  • Engage in organic sector development  

  • Pay out bonuses to our members 

We are also committed to giving our members greater understanding of how we run our business and importantly a say in its future operation through an Annual Member’s Meeting.  The first was held in 2020. 

This change in structure allows the organic cereal sector, by working through Organic Arable, to support both direct research and support and develop the wider organic sector.  We talk about creating a closed loop on our farms, but a similar approach and ambition is relevant to our business model too. Through our business model – a fully transparent approach – we have created conditions that allow farmers, processors, brands and consumers to build a stronger more effective organic arable sector. 

We hope you will take this opportunity to work with us to build and develop the organic cereal sector. 

Sector Development

Organic Arable is a wholly organic grain business, owned by organic farmers and run by a team who have personal experience of and belief in organic production systems.  This means the continued growth and development of the organic sector is of both significant commercial and personal importance and something the Board of Organic Arable strategically support.  


We are members of IFOAM EU, the English Organic Forum and Organic Trade Board and so are ensuring the voice and needs of organic cereal producers are heard at all levels though the industry.  We are advocating for you and unlike others in the sector such as certifiers our sole focus is the organic arable sector.


As active members of IFOAM EU, Organic Trade Board (OTB) and English Organic Forum (EOF) we have actively participated in both EU and Defra consultations either individually or as a member of one of the above sector bodies.  

As imports have come to dominate the market Organic Arable has consistently and actively advocated that buyers support UK sourcing.  We have developed a UK only organic feed supply chain with BQP (please contact us for details).   

Meet The Team


Andrew Trump

Managing Director

Andrew has worked in the organic sector for over 20 years. He is based in Cambridge and covers our members in the east of the country.

Kathy website picture.jpg

Katherine Wilson

Grain forwarder

Our US import, Kathy handles all things administrative and ensures your grain will arrive in time and on spec. She is based in Cambridge at the Organic Arable office.

website picture robin.jpg

Robin Maingay

Grain Representative

Robin is the newest member of the Organic Arable team. He has worked on organic farms in the US and is now applying what he learned there for Organic Arable. Based in Bristol Robin looks after our members in the West.