Big Farmland Bird Count 2023

On 10th February 2023 Dom and I are going to participate in the Big Farmland Bird Count and we'd love you to join us.  We believe that organic farming delivers significant biodiversity benefits and have witnessed this when visiting your organic farms.

It would be great to have you, and other organic farmers count their birds to provide some anecdotal evidence about the bird species and numbers on your farms.  If you have 30 minutes on the 10th Feb why not join in and see what is flapping across your farm, chirping in the hedges or running through the crops.  The approach is a very simple on and more information is available at Big Farmland Bird Count.

The project runs from the 3rd - 19th Feb so if you can't join Dom and I doing it on the 10th please take part some other time.

If you do participate please send your information to us too as it would be great to hear what Organic Arable members find on their farms