Market Update 17th November 2023

The market remains slow with buyers continuing to say they have good cover in place and they are taking a position of back-to-back buying as their customers place feed orders rather than buying to cover unsold feed when they think the market is favourable.  Having been "long" of expensive grain last season they are being far more cautious in their buyer this year.  We ground conditions have halted grazing and so we are in the season of winter feeding and should see demand start to grow.

There are some mixed messages coming from the egg sector with one egg producing seeking to expand their flock and looking for farms on which to place layers and another not using their current wheat as fast as they'd planned.

Vales are approximately as follows -  feed wheat £275, feed barley £250 but demand is in the west so farms in the East will pay additional haulage.  Beans are about £450 ex.