2023 Oat Contract

We are delighted to finally bring you the 2023 Whites Oat organic supply contract.  Apologies this has been delayed but the recent turmoil in the market has held up discussions.

The oat market has fallen significantly along with all crops and recently oats have been trading into the organic milling market at £270 ex farm.  There is once again a large volume of oats available and although this year sees the contract price well down on last year that price was unsustainable and so a revision was inevitable.  Whites remain a good market and good quality oats well conditioned will achieve good values and 

Following the extraordinary circumstances of last year this year's contract reverts to the same approach as in 2021 with the price being set based on an organic multiplier of the average LIFFE price and then adjusted for the market value.  The maximum price on the contract has been adjusted upwards slightly and as previously the premiums will be based upon the base price with a monthly carry and loyalty bonus paid to those who qualify.

The contract in full is available here: Organic Milling Oats Contract Harvest 2023.pdf

Please download it, complete and return by the END OF MAY.  If you have any queries please contact the office.