Why 'Cultivating Partnerships'?

As part of our 20 years anniversary in 2019 we undertook a review of our business and part of this was to think about what Organic Arable is seeking to do in the next 20 years

Our aim is to seek to do things differently with the organic cereals market. Organic certification requires farmer and processors to change their approach desist with some practices that are normal and adopt others that become a new normal. For those acting as intermediaries in the supply chain such changes are not required. The normal business practice continues and in the cereals market this is often not positive. Why no changes if the changes made in production and processing are deemed to have environmental, social, or animal welfare benefits? How could we seek to develop and implement beneficial change though our business model to seek to affect beneficial change in the same way in which producers and processors do?

And so 'Cultivating Partnerships' was born. Partnerships require mutual benefit they are supportive and seek to consider the other as well as the self. Our experience in developing supply partnerships with some of our customers has shown us the benefits approach can deliver.

Our objective in working in the organic cereals sector is to both improve and enhance the relationship between producers and their customers and we have seen how this can be done through providing better opportunities for producers to meet and communicate directly with their customers.