Organic Arable Member SharePoint Login

We are very excited to announce that our SharePoint site is up an available for members.

Your username is [firstname].[surname] and your password has been sent out by email.

To login you can go to and look for the Member Login button on the top righthand corner of the page. If you click on this you will go through to (or click on this link). The page will come up looking like this:

Enter your username and password and you should enter the SharePoint site. You will be given the option to stay logged in which will save you needing to enter details repeatedly. The SharePoint homepage looks like this:

If you check the right top-hand corner it should show your name.

We have set up the site to alert you when new documents, news items and events are added to the site which will be forwarded to your email keeping you up to date with information both about your own grain marketing and other documents and events.

The SharePoint site you are subscribed to provides you with an [firstname].[surname] email address and if you would like to start using this address please do so. The messages sent to your email will be forwarded to your existing email address. If you would like to set things up to use your on your email client please click here for instructions. You are using an Office 365 for business subscription.