LiveWheat Plot Trials Meeting - July 14th

Organic Arable and the Organic Research Centre will be hosting people at the LiveWheat plot trials at Macaroni Farm in the Cotswolds on Wednesday July 14th at 4:30pm. Unfortunately Sam Phillips, owner of Macaroni Farm, won't be in attendance but he has kindly allowed us to host this event. This meeting will give you a chance to look at all the different varieties next to one another, compare their traits and even help choose which varieties will go forward to next years instalment of LiveWheat.

The location of the plots can be found here:

Please contact Andrew on or Robin on if you are planning on attending.

The list of varieties included this year are as follows:

# Variety

1 Crispin

2 Siskin

3 Revelation

4 Evolution

5 Maris Widgeon

6 Skyfall

7 Costello

8 YQ

9 Halfreda

10 Extase

11 Mv Fredericia

12 AWC-19

13 Red Lammas

14 Alabaster

15 Saki

16 Nelson

17 Pizza

18 Informer

19 INRA Pop Megamix

20 AWC_SW1

21 Siskin/Extase Mix

22 Mortimer

23 Montana

24 Torth y Tir Population

25 Red Lammas/Maris Widgeon/Montana Mix

26 KWS Cranium

27 Theodore

For more information on LiveWheat please read more here.