Why Buy Organic?

There are a lot of great answers to this question, but I think the best one is the one that is the most personal and makes the most sense to you.   In today’s economic climate, people often ask ‘Why should I pay more for organic?’  This is a very good and valid question. When people’s incomes are stretched to the limit, buying organic can seem like a luxury.  But is it really?  One of the things that has become habitual for many of us as consumers is to buy the least expensive brand we can find or the best volume deal.  I’m a working consumer,  trying to manage within a budget, so I can fully appreciate that feeling.

When you are buying British organic, you buy a quality product without pesticides, fertilizers or added chemicals.  So now, I ask myself ‘What is the best I can afford?’  And ‘Where does it come from?’  So here are my reasons for buying organic, because again, this is what makes the most sense to me and what I feel is important.

  • Grown without herbicides and pesticides.  One could argue that those all get washed off before additional production or sale.  Most of it will and the water heads off to the treatment plant.  However, let us not forget all the chemicals used on conventional crops that are also washed off with rain and end up in our rivers, lakes and groundwater.
  • No GM!
  • Taste.  We all know what we do and don’t like.
  • Traceability.   It really is what it says it is on the package and you can trace it back to its source.  If the horsemeat scandal has shown us anything, it is that when you have a long convoluted supply chain, it is much easier for something like that to happen.  Go with the Red Tractor every time.
  • Supports honeybees.  Pesticides don’t differentiate between our honeybees and pests.    Our pollinators are under increasing stress and decline.  To me it makes sense to support our bees by buying food grown on farms that support our wildlife.
  • Supports the British economy.  We grow some of the best food in the world… Let’s eat it!
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