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A collection of information pertinent to organic arable production.

Technical and Useful Documents

Click on the headings to access the documents.  A new One-Drive window will open. Some of the icons in the folders are links which will either open web-pages or other folders for example the Cereals icon below has separate folder for wheat, barley, oats, and rye & spelt.

Please share information you've amassed or discover with us and we can upload it for others to use too.

Admin & Market Statistics 

Here you'll find useful information like grain passports and mycotoxin risk assessments, the ORC bulletin, and various market stats.


This is information about cereals with different species shown individually.

Grain Storage

Information about grain storage.


Beans, peas and Bi-Crops.


Variety information and trial data.

Soils & Cultivation 

Articles about soil health, soil testing and fertility.


Various papers about weeds and weed management.