The muesli-maker who began in a squat

Alex Smith, founder of Alara

So why should organic cereal farmers be interested in Alex and his business model?

Alex’s story is an interesting one.  Clearly a man of principle who has developed his business in line with these principles and has found customers who support these values.   Alex is now a significant buyer of organic oat flakes.  But why is this important?  It is important because every tonne of oat flakes is over one and a half tonnes of oat grain. It is important because Alex likes to know where his oats are sourced and takes an interest in his suppliers and he has taken the trouble to listen.

He attended a meeting we held back in November.  Listened to farmers’ need to have a stable market and has now placed an order for oats for the next two seasons.  Great for him as he now knows who will be growing his oats for his delicious museli (Organic Rich Muesli is a personal favourite) and porridge products and great for the farmers who know they have a  secure market for their grain.  And just as importantly great for those thousands of consumers who like Alara as they will have the best quality organic oats for their breakfast for the next few years.

We like this way of doing business: to understand our customers requirements, committing to supply them and work together to develop our respective businesses in partnership.

The muesli-maker who began in a squat | Behind the scenes | Life and style | The Guardian.