Know What’s Required of Your Grain

The following quality specifications are the basic specifications against which grain is sold.  If grain is outside of the these specifications we have farm buyers who will take it at a discount.

All grain has a maximum moisture of 15% and a maximum admixture of 2%.

Different grains have different minimum bushel weight specifications as follows:

  • Milling Wheat minimum 76 Kg per Hl
  • Feed Wheat minimum 72 Kg per Hl
  • Barley minimum 63 Kg per Hl
  • Triticale minimum 72 Kg per Hl
  • Oats minimum 50 Kg per Hl

Beans and Peas do not have bushel weight specifications.

There are certain other specifications for grains for human consumption for example:

  • Protein
  • Hagberg
  • Deoxynivalenol (DON)  – these would need clarification as they are specific to the buyer.

In addition, grain should be free of any smell or taint and not contain any infestation of grain pests.

Grain should be Farm Assured and produced on an organically certified farm.

This may sound complicated but it isn’t.  We can test your grain for you and assess quality to make sure you supply the appropriate market.  Please request a Grain Sampling Pack and we can test you grain quality for you free of charge.