Organic Arable offers a comprehensive grain marketing service to farmers.  We understand the marketplace and so can place your grain with an appropriate buyer according to the grain quality, your location and your movement requirements.  We market grain to both human consumption and animal feed buyers as well as direct onto farm to livestock farmers.

We Offer

Grain testing for quality through Hampshire Grain.
90% credit insurance on all grain sold.
An understanding of the marketplace to help find the most appropriate buyer for your grain.
Most of the grain we market is supplied by our 70+ members but we will market on behalf of non-members too. This is an excellent way for farmers to understand how we work and “get to know us”.  Many who use our services subsequently join up and allow us to handle more of the tonnage they produce.

If you have grain you are looking to market please let us know by completing our  Product to Sell Form and we will call back with some ideas on price.

We work with members offering advice on market demand, prices and varietal choice.  We know what our members produce and can inform buyers as to what volumes of grain will be available helping develop and assist the supply chain.  This proactive approach to marketing gives our members reassurance that someone is working alongside them to market their grain.  We provide our services for a fixed marketing commission of 3% which means both our members and the buyers know the margin we are making and we are happy to share market price information with our members as they know they are getting a fair return for their grain.

For further information about joining Organic Arable please click on the ‘Become a Member’ link in the main navigation bar.