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I have these posted on our facebook page, but  as the number of them is starting to grow, I thought I would create a page that is a lot easier to see them.

To answer a few quick questions I have had…. yes I have made every one of these recipe’s at least once (or my boss and his daughters did) and no, they don’t always turn out perfectly for me (like my pita pillow puffballs I created on accident). Some of the recipes are my own, some are family ones, a few from the internet, but most of them are from my ever expanding collection of cookbooks.  Hopefully you will be as inspired by some of these recipes as I am!


Breads                                                                               Cakes

Biscuits and Cookies                                                  Pies and Pastry



A quick word on measurements.  Many of the recipes on here are American and have American measurements, which can be a bit confusing in their application if you are used to only grams and milliliters.

1 cup = 8 fluid oz. or 236.5882375 ml  Most liquids in American recipes will be in cups or fluid ounces.  However, it is not uncommon to see many dry loose ingredients such as flour or sugar in terms of cups.  One of the things I have learned when it comes to using cups of flour, is that since the weight can vary depending on sifting or packing, is to go a bit short on a cup of flour.  You can almost always add more flour.  Adding additional liquid to a too stiff dough can be a little more problematic.

A US pint = 16 oz or 2 cups

Butter- you will often see a measurement for butter in cups, however, if they call for ounces it is always by weight.  This makes more sense when you know that in the US butter is sold in a one pound block divided into 4 ‘sticks’.  Each stick is 4 ounces by weight and also equals a half cup in volume and 8 tablespoons.  The wrapped sticks are marked evenly to make it easier for the cook, as well, if you need a half cup of butter you know it’s a stick and you don’t have try to smash it into the measuring cup.

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