Please take a few moments to read the ‘frequently asked questions’ listed below.  If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us either by email: enquiries@organicarable.co.uk or by telephone on 08456 521 706.

Member and Membership Q’s

Q1. Why should I become a member of Organic Arable?
A1.  Organic Arable was established to help develop the organic grain sector.  It is a business which aims to maximise the returns the organic producer receives.  We actively market our members’ grain discussing the volumes produced with buyers and ensuring that buyer can base their purchasing decisions on known volumes.  Finally, we offer support to members by helping to plan planting decisions, by devising marketing strategies and assisting with finding grain conditioning and storage facilities where required.
For more details see our “membership pack” and Marketing Agreement.

Q2. What is the duration of membership?
A2. The Organic Arable membership is a 12 month membership package.

Q3. How do I become a member of Organic Arable?
A3. Complete the online ‘Membership Form’ and pop a cheque in the post. Alternatively, you can print out and fax back the completed form.

Q4. How do I renew my membership?
A4. Subscription covers the harvest year in which you join and renewals are due annually in January.  A renewal invoice will be sent to you when your subscription is due. Please pop a cheque in the post to us at Organic Arable, New Gant Farm, Swaffham Prior Fen, Swaffham Prior, Cambridge CB25 0LQ.

Q5. Do I have to commit my total harvest?
A5.  No we hope you will but we understand that you may wish to get to know us and see how we operate before “taking the plunge”.  Therefore you can either become a member but not commit all your tonnage or sell to us on an ad hoc basis.  However we charge non-members more for our services.

The Ordering and Delivery Process

 Q1. Is there a minimum order quantity?
A1. There is no minimum order quantity although we do encourage you to plan your feed grain requirements in advance in order to offer you best value by keeping delivery charges down to a minimum.

Q2. How quickly can I expect delivery once I’ve placed my order?
A2. You will be advised of your due delivery day when ordering.  If you require it on a specific date, please ensure you advise us accordingly when ordering and we endeavour to fulfil your requirements.  If you want delivery by a “blower” lorry please give us more warning as these are harder to come by.

Q3. Do I need to be available for taking delivery of my order?
A3. Yes, you or a member of staff will need to be on site to take delivery to ensure that the grain is delivered to the correct storage area. Also, before the ‘bulk is broken’ you are required to check the load before it is tipped.  You will then be required to sign for the delivery.

Q4. What delivery vehicles do you use for fulfilling orders?
A4. Depending on what type of lorry you can accommodate in your yard, we use either arctic, rigid or blower lorries.  When ordering your grain please state your preference.

Q5. Do I need to be a member of Organic Arable to place an order with you?
A5. No.  We sell to anyone.  If you are a new customer we will need to get a credit rating on your business and this can sometimes take a few days so please allow time for that or be prepared to make a pre-payment.

Q6. Will I know where the grain you’ve supplied me have come from?
A6. Yes, we keep track of all grain available and are able to prove provenance for each and every lorry load.


Q1. Do I need to be a member of Organic Arable in order to sell my grain and pulses through you?
A1. No, although you will receive better terms if you are a member and you will be required to supply a copy of your current Organic Certification.

Q2. Do I have to be a certified organic producer to sell through Organic Arable?
A.2 Yes we specialise in organic grain.  It does not matter which organic certifier you are with. See our Organic Certification page for a full list.

Q3. How do I notify you of the grain I have to market?
A3. You will be required to complete our Planting Record document where you are asked to list the crops you are growing, the tonnage you expect to harvest and the quantity you plan to market.

Q4. What if my crops fail and the expected tonnage is not achieved?
A4. We use the Planting Record document as a guide.  Once harvest has been carried out, you will need to advise us accordingly if your expected yield has differed from what was expected.

Q5. Do you check the quality of grain before you market it?
A5. Prior to harvest, we will send you a Grain Sample Kit.  In the kit, there are a number of grain sample bags. You are asked to draw a sample from each of your crops that have been harvested and send these for testing.  A copy of the test results will be sent to you.  The results flag up any concerns, such as moisture levels, pests etc. and can be used as an indicator as to whether the grain needs to be cleaned or dried before moving.

Q6. When will my crops bound for market be collected?
A6. You will need to let us know if something needs to be moved quickly or before a set date. We do not store your grain on our premises.  As soon as you are ready to market your grain, the orders are processed and your grain allocated accordingly.  We will advise when we’d like to collect.  The grain quantity records are updated each time a consignment is taken from your farm, so we are able to keep track of what is left and are able to continue to market your grain without over selling.

Q7. Do I need to be present when the haulier collects the grain?
A7. Yes, you will need to produce a Grain Passport for the load.  It is also your responsibility to check the lorry making sure it is clean and ready to transport your grain.  If the grain is rejected at the other end, you are likely to have to accept a lower price for it so please CHECK it is clean!

Q8. Do I have any control over who I supply my grain to?
A8. We aim to keep ‘road miles’ down to an absolute minimum.  This not only means we’re doing our bit for the environment, it also means the haulage charges are kept to a minimum for our members.

Farm Assurance

Q1. Do I need a Farm Assurance Certification in order to sell my organic grain?
A1. Yes, you will be required to hold a current Farm Assurance Certificate for cereals in order for us to market your grain to our buyers.  The certificate achieved ensures farm best code of practice and standards have been met, such as health and safety, pest control etc.  There are markets for non-assured grain but these are limited and at a discount to assured grain and you may have to haul the grain further to sell it.  We would strongly recommend you obtain crop assurance.  This can usually be done through your organic certifier.

Credit Assurance

Q1. What is this?
A1. Credit Assurance gives the seller the confidence that should the buyer go out of business they will still receive 90% of the value of grain in payment.


Q1. What is this?
A1. TASSC stands for Trade Assurance Scheme for Combinable Crops. More can be read about TASSC on their website.  Organic Arable are TASSC assured required by the industry, ensuring we follow and adhere to the protocols.

Payment Terms

Q1. When do I get paid for the grain I’ve sold through Organic Arable?
A1. You will be paid on the 21st day of the month following the movement.  Payment will be made by cheque unless we have your bank account details in which case we will use Bacs payment.  To give us your bank account details please complete and return this form.

Q2. What are the payment terms for the grain I’ve purchased?
A2. Provided we can obtain a credit rating on your business we offer a 28 day account facility.  Where possible we prefer payment by Bacs directly into our account.  Our terms and conditions of sale can be found here.