How do you feel about food prices?

Consumer CollageWe love all of you who buy organic food.  You are consumers who are making positive choices to support a farming sector which is generally kinder to the environment, uses no artificial fertilisers and miniscule amounts of pesticide (basically none on cereal crops) and we believe provides a better future for the UK farming industry and our environment.  Buying organic flour, bread, breakfast cereals is an immediate way of buying organic grains but buying organic milk, meat and dairy products also means you are buying organic cereals and pulses as these animals will have been fed organic feeds.

We’d love to know how you respond to falling grain prices?  Since the beginning of July grain prices have fallen about 15% and are now below the cost of production for most producers in the UK.  Before the UK harvest has finished global grain markets determined that UK producers will face a difficult season financially and we believe there is a disconnect between organic consumers and the role “the market” plays in determining the price of organic grain.  At a time when sales of organic food are starting to increase we feel, you, as organic consumers, are supporting our farming system and yet we are seeing low prices threatening this way of farming and not because there is no demand for our organic produce.  To us it seems like a contradiction but perhaps we’ve got it wrong?  Help us out by telling us how you feel.

Faced with organic cereal prices facing a product price 15% below prices just a few weeks ago and possibly going lower, our question is: