Comparing Winter Oat Varieties for Quality

With samples starting to go through the lab we have some test results but alongside these we have noticed some visual differences between the varieties.  The advice we have is that bushelweight is not the only determinant of oat quality and as the video below shows there is a significant difference between the size of the grain despite the bushelweight recorded by the lab.

Comparing Mascani & Rozmar


There are also some results back from the winter variety trials run by OSP at Great Brickhill, Bedfordshire and Shimpling Park, Suffolk  that indicate no difference in yield for the varieties in the trial apart from Rozmar  which was lower yielding at Great Brickhill.

Grain quality, measured as bushel weight showed no difference at Shimpling Park with Rhapsody and Selwyn showing a lower bushelweight at Great Brickhill.

OSP Winter Oats Trial Results

OSP Winter Oats Trial Results