Bee prepared to make changes to your shopping habits

The pro-bee lobby have been very successful in promoting the cause of bees in recent months following the neonicotinoid ban which is great as we need to support and encourage the bee population.  However, there is one very simple way in which all bee supporters could have a huge impact upon bee survival – to buy more organic food.

As organic grain farmers we do not use neonicotinoid seed dressings or use any insecticides and we have greater pollinator feeding sites as through the use of a range of clovers (red clover is better for bumble bees and white clover better for honey bees) and other legumes in our fertility building crops.  We have greater “in-crop biodiversity” the kind way to refer to weeds,  such as thistles and charlock which are great for pollinators.  These benefits are across the whole farm and embedded into the farming system and not on small, defined areas of enhanced environment as would be the case for a conventional farm.  Although such an area is useful it is less beneficial that having a whole-farm systemic management system that will improve feeding sites for pollinators.

It would be great if the NGOs and others supporting bee populations could give the clear message that: to support bees people should eat more organic food; then consumers would have a clear, simple “call to action” to help support bees.

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