The Benefits of Being a Member

Our primary function is to market your grain and to us this is more than simply managing a transaction.  We pro-actively market your grain talking to buyers about availability of grain, helping them source their requirements and you market your grain.

However,  we see our role as broader than this: our aim is to help you manage your whole organic arable enterprise more effectively.

Member Subscription

For our services we charge an annual subscription fee of £150* and commission on sales of 3%.  We are always open about how the market stands since our margin remains the same.  We feel this is a fair and clear way of doing business.

We Provide You

With marketing advice on which crops to grown based on your rotation and on market opportunities. We provide information about what varieties are sought by buyers and advise on crop variety selection.

You’ll Receive

Our monthly e-news provides regular updates on the market, keeping you up to date with industry specific news.

Technical Help

Through newsletters, technical events and farm walks and through our online library of research and technical publications (library currently under construction), we offer support for your business and can also offer on-farm advice.

Grain Quality Testing

We also have a free grain testing service and can provide seed and mycotoxin testing.

Credit Insurance

All our grain sold is covered by credit insurance.  This ensures 90% of your grain value is covered by credit insurance, providing you with peace of mind that you will get  paid.

Pool Marketing

We offer pool marketing opportunities giving you a great way of hedging your grain sales against market volatility and buying you grain marketing expertise.  These are available at the same cost as our regular marketing service.

Become a Member

Complete the membership form and become an Organic Arable member.