At the end of the month of Bread…

I can hardly believe Breaduary is over.  I have had a lot of fun trying different flours and baking all sorts of increasingly delicious breads.  Practice really does help improve those skills.   And it was actually much easier to do than one might think, given the amount of time you need to knead, prove and bake a loaf.  But really, making bread only needs about 15 minutes of your attention, and the rest of the time it is doing its own thing.  And to make life even easier, you can not only freeze bread (not my favorite, I think it dries out) but you can freeze your dough that is shaped into loaves or buns before the second rise.  This way all you have to do is pull it out of the freezer, pop it in a loaf tin, let it thaw and rise, then bake.  It takes less time than running to the store, and tastes 1000% better.

So now there is no going back….fresh baked forever!!

PS Keep your eye on our consumer page, all the recipes we use will soon be on there!

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