Who We Are

Established in 1999 by a group of farmers, Organic Arable is a farmer-owned company, dedicated to the benefit of its members. Since that time we have grown from 10 to over 70 farmers and we continue to grow and attract new members.

Our Aim

To help you manage your whole organic arable enterprise more effectively through:

What We Do / The Service We Provide Our Members

Our primary function is to market your grain. We pro-actively market your grain, talking to buyers about availability of grain, helping them source their requirements and you market your grain. We do this by:

Marketing Advice

  • On what crops to grow based on your rotation and on market opportunities.
  • Information – on what varieties are sought by buyers and advise on crop variety selection.
  • E-news – provides regular updates on the market.

Technical Help

  • Through newsletters, technical events and farm walks.
  • Online library of research and technical publications (under development).
  • Free grain testing service and can provide seed and mycotoxin testing.

Pool Marketing

  • To hedge your grain sales agains market volatility and buying you grain marketing expertise.
  • These services are available at the same cost as our regular marketing service.

Credit Insurance

  • All our grain sold is covered by credit insurance.
  • Thus ensuring 90% of your grain is covered by credit insurance, providing you with peace of mind that you will get paid.